A useful calculator for iPad that shows you more.

Calculess helps you evaluate arbitrary mathematical expressions. If you’re like me, other calculators for iPad feel like driving with a dirty windshield and no rear view mirrors. Calculess shows you exactly what you’re typing as well as your previous calculations and results.

If you’ve spent any time with a TI-86 or similar, you should feel at home. The keyboard ordering borrows from the typical TI layout.

Your calculations history is available at all times. Tap an entry from the tape to insert it into the active expression. Adjust number formatting, turn sounds off, pick a font you like.


  • Create arbitrarily complex expressions
  • You can use parentheses liberally
  • Hints for syntax errors and missing parentheses
  • Cursor keys let you position cursor easily, allowing you to manipulate expressions
  • Pick a font that suits your tastes
  • Adjust number formatting behavior
  • Show number grouping. Display numbers in scientific or decimal notation
  • Enable or disable keypress sounds
  • Tap any previous expression or result to substitute into current
  • Tap the Ans key to substitute previous result into current expression
  • Export calculation history via email
  • 2nd button flips some buttons to reveal more functions
  • Clean interface, subtle shadows and gradients
  • A setting allows you to enter angles in degrees or radians
  • Keys for square root, pi, ln, log, trig functions, average, factorial, and more
  • Room for more functions – make your own suggestions


This is exactly the calculator I was waiting for. The user can see the expression entered as well as the result – Happy in Va


iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.

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