A beautiful way to learn more in less time.

Cardboard brings flashcards to life. Spend less time configuring and more time getting better grades. The only app that lets you see lots of cards at once, so you can review a whole vocabulary set minutes before the exam.

Easy on the eyes

Your cards look great in Cardboard. Tap a deck and watch the cards fly into place. Each screen flows into the next. Customize your board with one of four background fabrics. Pick a font for your cards. Do you need text centered on the front and left-aligned on the back? You can adjust that too.

Jump around

You should be able to jump from the 3rd card in a set to the 72nd without getting bored. You can flip through your cards in order or use the preview slider to find the card you’re looking for, no matter where it is in the set.

Have some fun

Play the memory game and get fast at pairing terms and definitions. Choose from three board sizes to craft the perfect challenge. The Starred Only mode lets you narrow your focus to cards you’ve marked important with a star.

Import spreadsheets

Use the powerful Google Docs integration to import two-column spreadsheets. Paste an image URL into a cell and Cardboard will download the image. Keep your data safe in the cloud. Your friends or students can import spreadsheets you share.

Millions of sets. Available now.

Cardboard integrates with Quizlet, the largest flash cards website around. Access millions of free sets on the arts, literature, languages, math, science, history, standardized tests, health-care, law, and real estate.

Create your own

Create decks and edit cards directly on your iPad. Add photos and text to your cards, front and back. Drag rows to reorder your cards.


  • Adjust deck order by title, date created, or date last accessed
  • Cards can have text, photos, or both on either side.
  • Pick from several background colors
  • Pick a default font for cards to use
  • Adjust front-side text size and alignment
  • Adjust back-side text size and alignment
  • Flip your cards over while viewing them in grid mode
  • Use the slider to see a preview of each card as you slide over
  • Memory match game lets you practice while playing
  • Star the cards that are important to you
  • Import flash cards from
  • Import your two-column Google Docs spreadsheets
  • Paste image URLs in your spreadsheets; Cardboard downloads the image
  • Create and edit decks and cards on your iPad
  • Built-in help menu
  • Simple. Easy enough for anyone to use.


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iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.

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