A food log you can use. In five seconds.

Are you going to care how many grams of fat were in that cupcake two weeks from now? Do you really want to spend time pecking at your screen trying to find the exact calorie count of that slice of pizza?

You’re busy, but you care about your overall eating trends. EatRight is your app. Are you getting enough servings of protein? Vegetables? How many glasses of water did you drink yesterday? Open EatRight and tap off your servings. It’s easy to use, which means it’s easy to keep using.

Use the Progress Sharing feature to share milestones with your friends using Twitter. Helps keep you accountable and encourages others to eat right.


  • Built-in servings guide to help determine serving sizes
  • Utilizes MyPryamid guidelines
  • Ability to create a custom meal plan
  • Optional progress sharing via Twitter
  • Create a plan for vegetarian or low-carb diets
  • Flexible enough for fitness program diets
  • Ability to keep track of glasses of water
  • Can log sweets and fats servings
  • Keeps a log last 7 days for at-a-glance review
  • Two icon themes
  • Can specify a daily reset time
  • Works well as a food journal or diary
  • Shows you the last day you reached your food group intake goal
  • No typing. Just scroll and tap.
  • Intentionally simple

Featured in bon appetit’s January issue


A super-simple interface lets you quickly check off how many servings of the main food groups you’ve eaten each day. – Bon Appetit magazine

I have been waiting for someone to create an app like this! – Caitee Anne

I am super happy to see this app so I can ditch my paper version – akmama

This app is exactly what I need to keep track of my food intake during pregnancy – Silipeppers

As a nutritionist, I would definitely recommend this app! – lzzieee

Other apps I’ve seen are just way too complicated for the basic task – acard2008

Has really, really helped me get more veggies and fruits in – mightypog

I love this app. No looking up specific food and hunting down calories. – My 3 Cents


iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.