Know what you’re getting into. Buy smart.

Homebuy is a flexible mortgage calculator that uses sensible defaults to keep you from pecking around. Amortization tables are computed so that you can view your payment plans by month or by year. Flip your device on its side to view a chart of your balance vs. cumulative interest and cumulative principal over time.

The previous home loan configuration is kept around so that you can compare your adjustments. Great for what if scenarios. See how much a lower interest rate will save you over the life of the loan. Know how much a bigger down payment saves you on your monthly payment.

Turn on the fiscal guidelines to figure out how much home you can afford. Homebuy will give you a rule-of-thumb minimum gross income level

The app is available free of charge. Pro features can be enabled via in-app purchase to gain access to the landscape graphs, amortization by month, and to remove ads.


  • Compare loan tweaks to previous calculation
  • Answer what if questions about your loan
  • Add PMI and see how it affects your loan
  • Add property taxes to your calculations
  • Add insurance to your calculations
  • Learn how much home you can afford
  • View a graph of your loan in landscape mode
  • Switch between monthly and yearly amortization schedules
  • Great free. Even better when Pro features are purchased.


iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.