Make monitoring your moles fun. Love your skin.

LoveMySkin is a modern take on the body mole maps dermatologists hand out to encourage watching for changes in your moles. You’ll have it with you all the time, so it’s easier to do the right thing.

Choose between a male or female body. Scroll to different views of the anatomy, zoom in, and tap to place a mole. You can add a description or mark a particular mole as a concern so that you can discuss it with your doctor. Awareness and early detection saves lives.

As seen on The Doctors and in SELF magazine.


  • Four different anatomical views
  • Choose between a male or female body map
  • Use it as a couple; switch between male and female
  • Add descriptions to moles
  • Use the built-in guide to the ABCDE’s of melanoma
  • Zoom in for accurate placement
  • Double tap to highlight moles
  • Use a two-finger tap to zoom to the default level


Visually document and update locations of moles over your entire body. – Games and Simulation for Healthcare

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This app isn’t a replacement for a professional’s opinion. Always see your doctor.


iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 2.2.1 or later.

Support and Suggestions

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