Create animated gifs with your iPhone.

Picflick helps you build a library of cinematic moments.

Make animated gifs using your device’s camera, or pick from photos you already have in your albums.

Adjust the delay between frames, delete or reorder individual frames.

Tap the viewfinder rapidly to capture live action or turn on the overlay to align your shots with precision (you can add a sense of depth to your photos by doing this).

Check out a sample photo from the back yard.

Find inspiration at Cursive Buildings and Cinemagraphs.


  • Create gifs using your camera or using photos from your albums.
  • Adjust timing between frames.
  • Enable autoreverse to smooth transitions
  • Reorder or delete individual frames.
  • Add captions to your photos (gif files are named using caption)
  • Share your .gif files by email or MMS.
  • You can send your .gif file directly to Tumblr if it’s under 500kB.
  • Publish your .gif to the picflick website and share the link.
  • Share via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, email, or pasteboard.
  • Ability to delete published pic from server.
  • Enable overlay mode to align camera shots.
  • Tap a photo in the main listing to preview it – zooming also works
  • Several GIF export sizes
  • Save gifs directly to your computer with iTunes File Sharing
  • Crop and zoom imported album photos.
  • Works on iPod touch devices too; create GIFs from your photo library.


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Any device with iOS 4.0.2+, preferably with a camera.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.