Planner for iPad

Your week on the left, tasks on the right.

Planner for iPad puts your weekly agenda and todo list on the same page. A calendar on the left, a list of tasks on the right.

Pleasant like paper

This format is very popular in many bound paper planners. It’s a comfortable way to stay organized. The tasks stay put no matter what week it is, and you can cycle between your current, someday, and completed tasks. My wife used to move a post-it note with tasks on it from week to week; she inspired the layout.

Reminders you can count on

Planner integrates with the built-in Calendar app to provide event alerts on the default calendar. Manage your life from the app; since the events show up on the regular calendar you can see your events and reminders on your phone or desktop. Note that it’s one-way. The app doesn’t import your system calendar events at this time.

Quick entry

You only need to type a word or two to create an event or a task. Tap, type, done. No need to do anything else if you don’t want to.


Planner believes in making it easy for you to plan your week and get more done. It doesn’t have dozens of task categories, tags, a half dozen status lists, and mandatory workflows. The idea is to improve a little on the classic paper planners that thousands use every year.

Calendar Events

  • Use quick entry feature to add a new event with a tap
  • Assign colors to events; or you can also use colors that match the page
  • Choose from eleven event color themes
  • Set specific due dates and alarms
  • Integrates with built-in Calendar app so you get reminders (see note above)
  • Write notes about any event
  • Pick the day you want the week to start on (ie, Sunday or Monday)

Tasks and todos

  • Easily add new tasks: type and tap Done
  • Optionally add notes to any task
  • Set a specific due date that shows up next to the title
  • Works with the built-in Calendar app so you get alerts
  • Overdue tasks appear with a dark red due date. Time to act.
  • Not sure about a todo? Send it to the Someday list and think about it later.
  • Easily reorder tasks
  • A single tap in the box marks a todo as completed
  • Tap a task to edit its title, notes, due date, and category
  • Use the buttons at the bottom to flip between current, someday, and completed tasks


Try the app and get your review posted here on the site! I’d love to link to any reviews you post also.


iPad running iOS 4.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Please let me know if you need anything. Contact me about it.

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