Tasks, todos, and notes. Easy as paper.

YouDo takes task management a day at a time. It draws its inspiration from that sheet of notebook paper you have on your desk and that Post-It note stuck to the bottom of your monitor.

Each day gets its own card in the daily gallery. Swipe ahead a few days to see things you have to do. Add new tasks with inline editing. Tap an item to mark it complete.

A convenient panel shows up below the task card when you’re viewing today’s todos. Tap the Undone button to see tasks you forgot to mark complete. Tap Upcoming to get a list of the things that lie ahead. You can even email your daily todo list to yourself or colleagues.

Watch a YouDo demo on YouTube or read about it on Web Worker Daily (YouDo has been updated since the review).


  • You can do it all on a single screen. No deep menus.
  • Swipe left and right through previous and upcoming days.
  • Add new tasks with fast inline editing
  • Tap to mark complete and watch task fade
  • Drag to reorder your tasks
  • Use a calendar to view your tasks and navigate quickly
  • Tap and hold to move a task to another day
  • A home button lets you scroll back to today with ease
  • View a list of things you forgot to do
  • Keep an eye on all upcoming tasks; tap one to jump to it
  • Email your daily todo list with ease
  • Pick a fresh background color
  • Shows count of incomplete tasks on app icon
  • Status bars show you previous and upcoming task count


I really love this app! it’s very simple and sweet to use – sweetpea

The interface is simple and one of the best I’ve seen for a TOdo. A little out of the box thinking. Way to Go. – GuruYomi

A great app that gets straight to the point of helping me accomplish my to/you do list. – pierce1855

Alternate taglines

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For all that you do, there’s YouDo

That Thing: YouDo (sung by The Wonders)


Whatever You Do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. – Gandhi

Guy: How did you do that!? You: You Do. Guy: What?

What are YOU doing?

Paper that doesn’t get wet or lost. Unless those things happen to your phone.

It’s like WriteRoom but for snippets of text.


iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.