A reason to write: journal for your health

I was flipping through Men's Health and saw a column by one of the MH
experts, Dr. John Elefteriades, on how doctors stay strong and

His personal list included:

  •  Rowing for cardiovascular benefits 
  •  Discipline in never eating too much and continuing to exercise 
  •  Skepticism; asking your doctor why you need certain medications 
  •  Dips to build muscle (he's 59 and can still match is old school record) 
  •  Writing to manage stress.

"I've started writing fiction.  It helps me relax because I have total control over the outcome of events, unlike in my day job.  My first novel, Transplant, was published last year."  Studies show that writing nonfiction - a daily journal, for example - may also relieve anxiety.

I think most people have heard this.  I write to remember; there are details in my journal from our summer in France that time has long since eroded from my mind.  I can bring them back authoritatively by looking over the journal.  

You can get health benefits while writing and also get a happy boost while reflecting on your past experiences.