Announcing Math Legend - Practice math on your iPhone

Apple has been amazing with their App Store approval process lately,
so the week or two I used to take to prepare things after a submission
has been cut down to about a day or two.

Math Legend should be instantly familiar to anyone that's seen Guitar
Hero. It's a game for math practice you can play on your iPhone or
iPod Touch. A variety of speed and difficulty settings make it easy
for anyone to start playing and improving their math skills.

Tap the correct answer as it passes over the fret board at the bottom
of the screen. If you tap at just the right moment, you get max
points and bigger effects. If you miss an answer or don't know it,
don't worry. Math Legend will let you know what the correct answer is
and you'll soon get another chance at getting it right.

Play speed rounds with your friends, or help your young one learn
math. Use the scores in the hall of fame to track progress,
strengths, and improvements.