Announcing Touchcards 2, a fun way to study

I finished developing Touchcards 2 a couple days ago.  Apple approved the app in record time.  The only hangup was that iTunes took about 16 hours to show the app, and when it did, it still didn't have any of the screenshots I uploaded. 

So it sat there in the App Store with one incorrect picture and a limited description for another 8 hours or so.

And a handful of people bought it.  Thank you faithful customers!

A completely new application

Touchcards 2 is a complete rewrite of the original.  Both are available in the App Store as they seem to appeal to two distinct groups.  The original is a great flashcard viewer.  It's cheaper, and it runs on older versions of the iPhone OS.  This makes it ideal for schools with iPod Touches that aren't updated as frequently as a mainstream consumer's device.

A fresh experience

Your flashcards look like cards.  They're easy to flip through, and it's easier to tell where you are in a deck.  On top of that, you can earn Achievement points for exploring and using the app.  Get enough points and you can unlock some features that will let you customize the app.


Add images from your photo library to supplement your learning.  View cards in full landscape mode.

Makes use of proven learning mechanisms

You can optionally provide a cue answer to Touchcards to let the app know whether or not you have a card memorized.  Your answers help Touchcards tailor what it shows you.  Choose to review a random set of 10 cards, use the Leitner method, watch a slideshow, or study only the most difficult cards.

Take a break from studying.  By studying more.

Touchcards includes a game that allows you to match the fronts and backs of your cards.  Earn points with new high scores and post your achievements to Twitter or Facebook.

Add images to cards to turn it into a picture matching game (should sound familiar).

Have a toddler?  Create a set of cards for the alphabet or math and let them learn by playing a game.


Read more about Touchcards 2.