Apple Staff Favorites and App Store Sales

Yesterday Touchcards 2 was featured in the App Store as a Staff Favorite.  Throughout the day it rose in ranking on the charts, and this morning, as you can see above, it's at #47.  Prior to being featured, it had reached #90 or so.  I knew from articles about what getting featured does to sales to expect a bump, and I got one.  But one thing to note about the Staff Favorites section is that it's not actually available from the App Store app on the iPhone itself.  You apparently need to be using iTunes on your computer to see it.  This makes the sales jump a lot less dramatic than those featured in the AppAdvice post.

The staff at the App Store see thousands of new apps each week in a store with over 140,000 apps.  To be hand picked means a lot.  I also thank the customers that take the time to share their "success stories" and creative uses of the app with me.

If you've downloaded Touchcards 2, you can expect an update shortly (it's in the approval queue) to give you better font sizing support.  I have a few other things planned, too.  It's great to have new users more than anything else!