BREAKING slidetorock updates website and provides the information people have been asking for

The fact that the slidetorock site didn't have any details for any of the apps was bothering me.  I was deep in code and the site suffered. 

A lot of work goes into each app's release, and part of a release is making sure photos of the app are current, copy is current, and that everything stays updated and in sync.  If something like a header link was modified on one of the app's pages, chances are it'd need to be updated on the others too.

With a growing library of apps, the task was becoming substantial.

I used Jekyll before for managing a blog.  I thought of it again for this task.

Jekyll essentially allows you to create a few layouts and inject "post" content into them.  A post could be a blog post (duh), or just a regular page on some site.  The Liquid templating language is pretty flexible and you can create as many page variables as you need.

I used Jekyll to emit the site's main page and also created an "app" layout page.  Then, for each app I maintain, I have a fairly simple Textile file with metadata and content unique to the app.  The layout and styling are written once, and I can now focus on maintaining just the content for each app.