Intro to iPhone development at Code Camp Augusta

I was fortunate enough to be able to speak at Code Camp Augusta this Saturday.  A lot of great speakers showed up to provide some great content, and everyone I talked to was really nice.  Todd Schultz did a great job hosting, as did Pete Mourfield.  I look forward to attending events like this in the future. 

My talk provided an introduction to iPhone development.  I showed a few slides that outlined the basics and then walked through the development of an application step-by-step, starting with the utility app template in Xcode.

I did forget to bring my DVI-to-VGA adapter and had to run home before th talk.  I also had some issues getting the MacBook to output correctly to the projector.  I apologize for making people sit through that.

Git as a presentation tool

I found git to be a great way of showing a code demo.  As I built the simple app prior to the presentation, I tagged each "step" or milestone and then created a branch from the tag.  I continued development on the master branch.

Before the presentation, I checked out the branch corresponding to the first step in the demo app's development.  Because it was a branch, I could show the audience real changes and demonstrate various features of Interface Builder.  I changed some of the animated transitions.

Before moving on to the next phase of the project, I could either commit to the branch or stash the changes away.  The next phase of the project was always waiting.

It also allowed me to go back to earlier versions of the app and explain changes.

I enjoyed answering questions after the demo and wish there had been even more.  I realized after the talk that my vocal chords were raw and scratchy, so in retrospect I should have taken advantage of the water the volunteer put out for me.

If anyone from the event sees this and has a question, don't hesitate to contact me.  I attached a PDF of the few slides I had and also included the demo project, as requested.  The git repository is also included. View this file