iPhone app sales

At this point, I have 15 iPhone (and 1 iPad) apps available in the App
Store. Sales have been fairly steady since January. The beginning of
the year was great, in fact, due to being mentioned in Bon Appetit
, having a Staff Favorite app, and, presumably, a greater
abundance of iPhone OS devices after Christmas.

I have free apps, educational apps, games, kids apps, business,
finance, and health and fitness apps. A diversified portfolio.

The weekly sales follow a pattern: Sunday and Monday are the best
sales days. Tuesday through Thursday see steady declines. Friday and
Saturday are the worst.

Last Friday, for reasons I can't explain (ie, no holidays, etc), was
about 35% lower than I expected. I was anxious to see how Saturday
would fare. Luckily, Saturday was a bit higher than usual, so it
served to offset the bad Friday.

One reason I like having more than a handful of apps is protection
against big sales swings. When I had five apps I would regularly see
40-70% variations in my sales figures. Sometimes a user would post a
scathing review--usually due to not reading the app description--and
scare off potential buyers. The app developer has little recourse
(oddly I get my most complimentary "reviews" through customer emails,
but only I see those).