Keeping a journal

Quoting a quote from Steven Corona's great post on keeping a journal:

Steve, my only regret after being on the job for 20 years is that I didn't keep a journal or dairy about everything I've seen and done. I've met the president, was sent to New Orleans during Katrina and NYC after 9/11. The whole Bucky situation. These were incredible, defining moments in my life and I wish that I could remember them forever, read through day-by-day and relive exactly how I felt in the moment.

The other day my wife was reading through some stuff I wrote while we were living in Florida.  She brought up a few things both of us had completely forgotten. It felt good to think about those things again. I immediately felt guilty about not writing as much as I did in those days - I'm losing bits of my own history and there isn't a way to get them back.