Mad at AdMob

I run AdMob advertisements in a couple of my free apps and for over a year have had no issues.  When I tried to log into my account this morning I saw the above, which helpfully lists some possible violations.  I guess you're supposed to read this as you know which one you did.

If you're going to disable an account, surely you have a reason.  And if you have a reason, you should let me know what it is.  Give me a way to talk to someone.  I love so many things that Google provides, but this fully automated fraud detection has to be sweeping some good guys into the sewer with the trash.

I'm honest and run a solo operation.  And I just lost a revenue source.

I'm waiting to hear back from AdMob, but this is a little depressing.  

I'll have to reconsider how I make some apps free.  It'll almost certainly not be via AdMob ads.