Managing a job search with Taskboard

A few weeks ago a customer emailed me to tell me how he was using Taskboard to manage a particularly interesting project. His company had just announced layoffs and he was using the app to manage leads at various companies. He set up boards to reflect categories that were important to the search: places to contact, resumes sent, in contact with, closed out, etc. As statuses changed (and this happened often as emails were sent) he simply dragged cards from one category to the next.

He kindly offered to anonymize his data and export a backup file for me so I could take a look at the project.

The colored labels show the status of companies he's in contact with. Red is a hot prospect, yellow is warm. A blue dot indicates initial contact was made but broken for some reason.

The dark gray cards are closed-out opportunities. Within a board, cards near the top are the better prospects.

So moving cards around is a frequent activity, and the key feature that your program does for me. I call the view of all the boards my job "war room". At a glance I see it all.

Thanks for making this! It helps me immensely.