Rubber ball

Just before Christmas a 2-star review of Chronicle appeared on the App Store. The person that left the review has a slew of negative 1- and 2-star reviews to their name and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue that was mentioned. It may very well exist, and I'll do my best to fix it. What hurt most about this review was that right after it appeared, my app, which had been ranking steadily in the top 90 of the Lifestyle category, suddenly began a freefall. During Christmas, a crucial sales period, it appeared on the chart once or twice. According to AppAnnie the app has plunged to #900 or something.

I've been working on fixes and features (update submitted days ago), but my motivation has waned seriously. Though every other (3 or so) review has been 5-star, that one 2-star seems to have negated all my efforts.

Some of the bugs stem from me trying to support both iOS 7 and 8. I left a couple features off due to some difficulties I encountered. A few users of the app has given me a verbal lashing. Others have been excited and supporting, but I can't stop thinking about the ones that tell me they can't believe I charge $0.99 for this! The fact that the App Store review team is on break is making me look like I "sit around doing nothing" about the issues.

I thought about this walking through Target, tossing a $2.99 softball-sized rubber ball in my hand. We got it for our dog, who likes such things. He popped it minutes after we handed it to him, though he still gets some joy out of it in its deflated state.

That rubber ball cost more than 80% (I'm making the figure up, but it can't be far off) of apps in the App Store. And it was on sale!