The waiting is the hardest part

It looks like there's an issue with the latest update to Chapters. I
found out about it within hours of the update's release and had a fix
in Apple's approval queue shortly after. Based on what I've heard via
email, it's affecting roughly a third of you, most running
iOS 3.2.2.

The mistake is a one-liner. It didn't present a problem on my test
devices nor did it affect my beta testers. The Clang static analyzer
(set to analyze on every compile) didn't catch it either, though it's
caught similar issues in previous development cycles.

After submitting the update I wrote to Apple to request an expedited
review for the fix. I noticed the status of the app changed from "Waiting for
Review" to "In Review" days before it normally would have. I was

Unfortunately, it's simply been "In Review" since that time.

In the meantime, the app's ranking has fallen and some people are
understandably upset. One-star reviews are popping up. I still hear
from plenty of people that aren't having any problems but there are
those that are running into the issue. In many cases, the only reason
to leave a review is to say you're upset.

Some are urging me to fix this immediately and it's sometimes hard to
explain that this is as fast as I can go.

It's painful. While bugs are common in software development, they're
much easier to deal with then you're in complete control of the
release process. You can send someone a new executable. You can push
a new version to your production server and tell your customers to
click Refresh. Fixed.

But with this. We just. Have. To. Wait.

My least favorite part of the App Store, though it's been an amazingly
positive experience overall.