Timing and the App Store review process

With web-based applications, you can move fast and break stuff. Every
user gets the fix you make immediately.

The App Store is a lot more like the desktop software market of the
90's. One problem is that most of the people using the App Store grew
up with the web and naturally expect quick fixes to any problems they

A couple days ago I submitted an update for Chronicle on the iPhone.
I was doing some additional testing on its 3rd day in review and
noticed a problem. The release version of the build would only run on
newer hardware (iPhone 3GS and 3rd gen iPod touch or newer).

As luck would have it, the app was approved before I could remove it.
Normally approvals take about a week, so this would normally be a
great surprise!

I submitted a fix within 10 minutes and hoped for the same speedy
review process. Unfortunately, it's been more than 3 days and a few
one-star reviews have already been coming in, despite the warnings in
the app description and what's new field. Long-time users have been
understanding, but others have accused me of letting things stay
broken for *days*, with no regard for their time or money.

It's crucial to test and retest, and properly evaluate your 3rd party
library build settings! I screwed up.

Thanks for your patience.