Learn the amino acids, get better scores.

AminoBuddy makes learning the amino acids easy and includes a matching game. This doesn’t have to be boring.

Study the amino acid abbreviations (three letter and one letter), view Lewis structures, carbon skeletons, side chains, and more. Includes nucleotide and amino acid chain examples to test your knowledge.

Perfect for students of organic chemistry, biochemistry, or those required to take tests such as the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and more.

Pick from a variety of proven review methods, including the Leitner system and a matching game. Challenge yourself or your friends to beat your high score.

You can optionally provide an answer to each card when you flip it. AminoBuddy uses this information to present stats and optimize the review set. You can also review any deck by showing the reverse side first. This helps you learn the information front-and-back.

AminoBuddy is built on the Touchcards 2 platform, so you get the benefits of a stable and proven app that was chosen by Apple as an App Store Staff Favorite.


  • Learn amino acid abbreviations
  • Review the essential vs nonessential amino acids
  • View Lewis structures, skeletons, side chains, stick, or ball figures
  • Includes nine flashcard decks
  • Several review modes (quizzes, random, Leitner, most difficult)
  • Includes a fun matching game review mode to test your memory
  • Statistics for each deck
  • No internet connection required
  • Tilt to view cards in full landscape mode
  • Remember your position in a deck
  • Adjust the font size for text on the cards
  • Change the background color behind the cards
  • Card listing lets you see every card in a deck quickly
  • Sit back and watch an automated slideshow of your cards


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iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0 or later.

Support and Suggestions

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