A journal you'll want to keep.

The sequence of the hours, the order of the years.


Ready to sync with iCloud. Use Dropbox for automatic daily backups.


Enable the passcode lock to keep your writing private.


A reading experience like iBooks. Turn the page and look back. Search for anything.


Fullscreen, distraction-free writing with autosave and undo.


Import backups from the original Chronicle, Chapters, and Chronicle for iPhone.


Create as needed. Journals, novels, travels, projects, dreams, ideas.

Fast search

Some apps leave this out. Finding your ideas and memories should be easy.

A book about you

Your story, fullscreen without distractions. Flip the page with your finger. See more.

Easy to manage

It's simple to export or print your work. Select one or many.

Font choices

Many standard fonts to choose from, as well as several custom ones to give your writing the perfect look.

Relax and write

Room to write, with extra keys to navigate and undo easily. See more.

Single entry export

Some notes about this great feature and how it works and how you can benefit.


Go beyond the defaults. Set reminders, create backups, be bold with Markdown.

for the previous version, used by thousands

"I love this app! I have been using it for a year... and will continue to." - Sandy S.

"By the way I love the application. Not only do I know my thoughts are kept away from prying eyes but it prompts me to think daily... Thanks!" - Lesley C.

"I really love your chronicle app. Thanks. Its the first time in years that I have been able to journal because I feel safe with it." - Scott C.

"I love this journal and use it daily. It is the best and most user friendly that I have found." - Sharon W.

Start your journal today.