Chapters for iPad: The Reviews

I released Chapters for iPad two months ago.  Since then I've sold thousands of copies, heard from hundreds of customers around the world, and released four app updates.

When Chapters debuted, it quickly appeared in the New and Noteworthy section.  Once it was bumped from that category it went straight into What's Hot, where it remained for a few weeks.  If it ever makes into Staff Favorites it'll have been featured in all three front-page categories. 

I was somewhat giddy seeing the app rank next to (or above) the always-in-the-news titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Words with Friends, and Apple's own Pages.

It's now out on its own, so to speak.  Despite a massive influx of new iPad apps every week, people are still finding it and filling it with the things that are important to them.

My journal is that of me which would else spill over and run to waste. - Thoreau

For me, the app has become something like a traveling gnome (less Travelocity and more Amelie).  I've heard from people documenting their vacations across the US, on a train in Australia, various parts of Europe, and more.  The Dropbox support lets them back up their photos and writing without needing to sync with iTunes.  

Others are busy using it at work to record meeting highlights and progress on projects.  Some people use it as a simple, searchable CRM tool.  Being able to type bullet-point lists and have a word count feature have been popular.

I've heard from people that use the app to take notes in college. I've also heard from two people in their seventies using the app to keep a journal.  Maybe the iPad is magical, after all.

I really like waking up to a full inbox (but not too full; I don't want to be one of those people that has to think about Inbox Zero).  Thankfully, there have been very few issues, so most of the email is suggestions and compliments.  I respond to every message.

I'm happy some people buy the app, make suggestions, and stick around to see their ideas come to life in an app update.

There's more to come.


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