Chapters for iPad

A set of notebooks for everything you write.

Chapters lets you manage multiple notebooks, each fully searchable and with its own settings.

Keep a personal journal, a photo diary, notes about that project at work, and a travel journal in a single app. You can lock notebooks that deserve more privacy.

Enjoy simple bulleted lists, a word count that updates as you type, and a manual timestamp button. There are additional buttons for jumping forward and backward by word or character. Save time and write more.


  • Autosave
  • A single place to keep the things you write
  • Write in any orientation
  • Protect private notebooks with a password
  • Create backup files in case you ever lose your data
  • Adjust font settings per notebook
  • Bullet lists
  • Pick a different background color for each notebook to color code them
  • Choose to write on white, sepia, or gray sheets
  • Fast search with contextual snippets helps you find things
  • Rename any notebook by tapping its title in the main gallery
  • Float photos from your photo library on the page
  • Export any notebook entry via email with a single tap
  • Create a PDF version of your writings
  • Adjust your text color by making it lighter or darker
  • Pinch to resize photos, rotate with two fingers
  • A calendar lets you browse entries by month
  • Photo browser lets you view and zoom photos by tapping them
  • Export the text of your entire journal by email
  • Export your journal’s text to Google Docs online
  • Export a copy of your notebook to Dropbox as a text file
  • Website export is perfect for zip archival or creating online travel blogs
  • Quickly navigate to other entries with the up/down buttons, like in Mail
  • Adjust the date of your entries by tapping the date
  • Options to show and append timestamps


This app can do a lot anyway you want to use it. Keep notes, pages or chapters and then find them easily. It makes a fine companion for the IPad. – 2 IPhones/4 IPods

This app is great I like the simplicity and notebooks for work, home etc.. Thanks!! – Revjml

I am so excited about this app. Just purchased. Very easy to use. I have been looking for an app where I can have individual, secured files on my clients. I am a massage therapist it’s great to have on hand when traveling so I don’t have to take their whole file when traveling. Would be great if I could add my intakes and release forms on it. – Angelsbymyside

The screen layouts allow for a very natural work flow and the UI is intuitive – BadBitBucket

How to access files on your device (backups, PDFs, etc)

Some export methods produce files on your device (PDF or HTML). You can also create backup files for archival purposes and save them to your computer. In the event of data loss, a backup file lets you restore everything you wrote and every photo you added. Learn how to use iTunes File Sharing with Chapters.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I delete an entry? Swipe across the entry’s row to reveal the Delete button
  • How do I change the date of an entry? Today’s date is the default, but you can tap the date label at the top of the page to pick another date.

How does this differ from Chronicle?

Chapters is a new app but it shares technology with Chronicle for iPad. Chapters allows you to manage multiple notebooks and has some interface differences. Chronicle is perfect for keeping a personal journal.


iPad running iPhone OS 4.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.

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