Counting money on iPad makes cents

The post title is perhaps cringeworthy, but it's very true. The
surface is the perfect canvas for all kinds of great educational

MakeChange is an iPad app that lets you practice counting money, which is to say that it's also a way for kids to practice math problems.  Hopefully some schools will be able to have at least one iPad per classroom.  It could be a great way for teachers to walk through various scenarios before letting the kids play.  Right now, most classes use money worksheets that depict the outlines of coins.  Students write the quantity of each coin needed to obtain the sum.

With MakeChange, you slide coins below the line to be counted.  You can tap a coin to see the reverse side if you don't recognize it (or just for fun).  You can repeat a problem until you get it right, or move on to a new one.  

If you answer correctly but miss an opportunity to make the sum with fewer coins, the app will show you the alternative way to reach the total.