Daily to do list - YouDo for iPhone

I've tried a lot of handheld devices, task management programs, and calendar applications over the years in my quest to stay organized.  The one I always come back to: pencil and paper (with Ta-da lists coming in a close second).  If you've got a lot to do, the last thing you need is a task list application that adds to your workload by throwing menus, checkboxes, categories, and all kinds of metadata fields on top of each to-do.

If you like paper and simple lists, try my new daily to-do list app, YouDo.

Each day gets its own sheet.  You can scroll through the week to take a peek at what's coming.  Small vertical bars flank each day to give you an idea of how many previous and upcoming tasks you have.

Add new tasks inline: tap, type, reorder, delete from the same screen.  No submenus to wander through, no extra seconds shaved off your day.

Bonus feature: Set the background to white and use the app as a flashlight in times of darkness.

Learn more at the product page.

If it's Jan 23rd, 2010, you may not see the app in the iTunes store.  Tomorrow and onward, yes!