iPhone journal app update

Chronicle has been available on the App Store for 3 days now.  It doesn't have any reviews yet, but I have heard from a couple customers already who use it to write a diary.  I hope many find and use it.

I remember buying a set of 3 black Moleskine cahiers a few years ago.  They're smaller than a normal notebook and more flexible, ideal for keeping in your back pocket.  That was my thinking.

The problem was that I often forgot to take them with me.  Or I'd forget my pen and have to ask the person behind the Barnes and Noble Starbucks counter for one.  I like to flip through magazines and write down ideas or links to look at later.

Three things I always have with me: keys, wallet, and phone.  If you think about it, there's really not enough room to take any more with you (such as a cahier) unless you're toting a bag.

That's one reason something like Chronicle is ideal.  You'll always have your phone, so writing is a matter of opening the app.  

A great secondary advantage: you can search your writings to find ideas you wrote down a long time ago.  

Maybe you were reading Kiplinger's in December and heard about a free tax advice hotline they were going to set up for tax season.  Instead of flipping back through your notebook, you type "tax" or "hotline" and the appropriate entry appears, with context around it.