Your life and times. In your pocket.

Chronicle is the perfect way to keep a journal or diary on the iPhone. Let your thoughts flow.

Write comfortably in portrait or landscape mode and add pictures to your entries. Need to keep your thoughts private? Enable a passcode and you’ll be the only one that can unlock the diary.

Tired of the notes app on the iPhone? Use Chronicle to store your notes or lists. The built-in fast searching will make finding things easy – it even shows you the text around the word you searched for, just like Google does.

Safely upload your whole diary to Google Docs. You’ll be able to download your writings as a Word doc or PDF.

Try the companion app for the iPad.


  • Write in portrait or landscape mode
  • Create multiple entries for any day
  • Add pictures from your photo library to your journal
  • Tap a photo to view a larger version; pinch to zoom
  • Fast keyword search highlights what you’re looking for
  • Choose from several fonts to write in style
  • Adjust the font size
  • Need privacy? You can lock your journal
  • If locked, you have to type the passcode each time you open it
  • Easily back up everything you’ve written to Google Docs
  • Pick from a wide selection of background colors
  • Add an icon to the top of each page to signify something about your day
  • Looks like a little Moleskine notebook
  • Tap the date to change it
  • Swipe across an entry to delete it
  • Ability to create backup files. Store them, never lose a memory.


Still a great app! One of the best out there. – Edliu111

Hey this is amazing!!!!! You really should buy it – MBA@hh

I’m really enjoying journaling with Chronicle. I like having a choice of fonts. – rbart09

Such a great app. I use it for tons of things – blogging, note taking, reminders – pierce1855

Create backup files and save them on your computer

Chronicle can create backup files on your device that contain the things you write and the photos you love. To get these backup files onto your computer, follow these steps.

Working with iPad

If you own Chapters or Chronicle for iPad, you can use the backup/import feature to share between devices. For example, you can create a backup of the last 7 days on your iPhone and then import that same file on your iPad, photos included.

Great for writers who create drafts on the go and want to polish them later on the iPad.

What else can this do?

Use it as a prompts journal. Jot notes and ideas no matter where you are. Find things fast. It’s an electronic journal that kids and teens are more likely to keep up with. A list of lists on your iPhone. Log your pregnancy, or your child’s first year. Build your creative writing skills, practice daily.


iPhone or iPod touch running OS 3.1.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.