I neglected posting to the blog for a while. The site I have used to manage the blog since I started the company is Posterous, and, to quote Gordon Ramsay, they're shutting it down!.

I generated a backup file of all posts and images. It took 20 minutes. I unzipped the backup file and realized it wasn't going to be trivial for me to get the blog migrated. I migrated it to WordPress using their migration tool and then downloaded their export file, hoping it'd be cleaner or easier to deal with. All of the tools continued to reference the images by their Posterous URLs. I closed Finder and went back to work on the latest Meetings for iPad update (agenda items, photos, and more).

Weeks passed. I realized the deadline was approaching, and also realized I wasn't posting new content for fear of adding to the pile of things I'd eventually have to backup and migrate.

I spent some time this weekend migrating the content. I used the wordpressdotcom Jekyll migrator as the foundation of my efforts. The exported WordPress file (a large RSS file, essentially) refers to the original images as hosted on Posterous. Those won't work after April 30, so I had to cobble together some Ruby to process some of the exported HTML files from the original Posterous backup and inject them into the wordpressdotcom migrator script.

I spent time with NGINX's rewrite rules to make sure any support links I've sent to customers still work on the updated blog.

Let me know if you have any issues. There's no way to leave a comment here but you can go to the main page and email me.