Writing notes and more on iPad

Chronicle for iPad is now in review and I'm really excited about its release.  The scaled screenshots make the text lighter than it actually is; it's very easy to see on the iPad's screen.

Chronicle makes it easy to keep a notebook or journal.  You can customize your journal's background color and font settings and focus on your writing.  What you write can be protected against data loss (easy journal export) as well as unauthorized access (turn on the password protection and pick a passcode).

Search through everything you've written to find what you want.  Each search result appears with contextual text around it, making it easy to find specific events, people, or ideas you've written about.  I can't stress the importance of good, fast search.  It'll come to your rescue when you find yourself wondering what did we eat for breakfast in Spain last summer? (search Spain or breakfast) or What was the name of that t-shirt distributor I was going to use for my business? (search t-shirt distributor).

"The problem is we can never find the information we've stored, so we wind up with folders and folders we don't know what to do with," Merrill said. "Search is the new organization. Search can set us free from the clutter of our imperfect minds" by allowing us to get a little messy. No time is lost on meticulously filing and hunting for folders when well-defined searches are used. - De-cluttering your digital life can set you free

Add photos to any entries you write and position them however you want on the screen.  You can view a larger, zoomable version of each photo.


If you're reading this and would like to help me translate Chronicle to other languages, please contact me!