Chronicle for iPad

A safe place to write, reflect, and remember.

Ideas, stories, and life’s events. Capture them in a journal that’s easy to carry and offers more than bound sheets.

Chronicle for iPad is about you and your words. Write comfortably and benefit from being able to find anything you wrote with built-in search. Search results include relevant snippets of text so you can easily find the exact entry you’re looking for.

Start keeping a journal or diary. Organize chapters for a novel. Jot down notes and ideas. You can always export what you’ve written for safekeeping.

You can even export everything as a website for viewing on your computer.


  • Distraction free writing in portrait or landscape mode
  • Pick your font and font size just like you do in iBooks
  • Adjust your text color by making it lighter or darker
  • Add photos from your library and slide them where you want
  • Pinch to resize photos, rotate with two fingers
  • Customize your journal by picking your own background color
  • Write on white or sepia colored paper sheets
  • Fast search that provides context around keywords
  • A calendar lets you browse entries by month
  • Optimized scrolling; scroll back a whole year in a few seconds
  • Photo browser lets you view and zoom photos by tapping them
  • Option to password protect your journal entries
  • Export the text of your entire journal by email
  • Export your journal’s text to Google Docs online
  • Create a PDF version of your writing. Save it or send it.
  • Export your entire journal as a website for browsing on your computer
  • Website export is perfect for creating online travel blogs
  • Tag each entry with a badge icon to indicate moods, events, themes
  • Quickly navigate to other entries with the up/down buttons, like in Mail
  • Resume fast; Chronicle remembers the last entry you were on.
  • Arrange your photos by dragging them; rotate with two fingers
  • Adjust the date of your entries by tapping the date
  • Tap the email icon to quickly share any entry, with gorgeous photo attachments
  • Option to show timestamps and automatically insert time within entry body
  • Create and import backup files in case you lose your writings one day.


Having been disappointed by some recent app purchases, I hesitated before I purchased this. I needn’t have worried. It is intuitive and easy to use…Be assured that even with zero changes, this app is a real winner and a bargain at that! – DeborahJay

A lot of other journal apps are either too simple or too complex. This one gets it right…very good for the price – MithrilCipher

This app is off to a great start…is an app I will use every day. I like that the developer answers questions and feedback about the app, too. – Wickedlizzie

Some apps are just more elegant than others, and this is one of the elegant ones…just what I had in mind for my iPad – ACTpresenter

My iPad arrived today and yours was the 1st I downloaded! – Elizabeth S. via email

This is the journalling app that I’ve been looking for since my first, day one, original iPhone! – srfisher101

The best organization system is search

Follow the advice of former Google CIO Douglas Merrill and redefine organization as search. Spend your time writing, not tagging. If you’re worried you may not have mentioned the word travel in an entry but want to find it with that word, add it to the bottom of your entry. You can build your own tagging system.

How to access files on your device (backups, etc)

Some export methods produce files on your device (PDF or HTML). You can also create backup files for archival purposes and save them to your computer. In the event of data loss, a backup file lets you restore everything you wrote and every photo you added. You can view and copy these files using iTunes. Learn how to use iTunes File Sharing with Chronicle.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I delete an entry? Swipe across the entry’s row to reveal the Delete button
  • How do I change the date of an entry? Today’s date is the default, but you can tap the date label at the top of the page to pick another date.
  • How can I search? Pull down on the entry listing to reveal the search bar. Type keywords to see matching entries.

How does this differ from Chronicle for iPhone?

Chronicle started as an iPhone diary. I heard from a few people that wanted to write on a larger device. Chronicle for iPad offers everything found in the iPhone version and more. It’s completely optimized for use on iPad. If you have the iPhone version, you can create backup files and import your on-the-go writing into the iPad version.


iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

Support and Suggestions

Having issues? Have some ideas for a future release? Contact me about it.

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