Learn the amino acids, do better on the MCAT and other tests

The AminoBuddy app is now available at the App Store. It's great for students that need to learn the amino acids so they can do better on chemistry and biochemistry tests, as well as standardized tests such as the MCAT.

My wife had to learn all of these before med school and again during med school.  She had a fat stack of cards.  You can have all of that and more in your pocket.

The app comes with nine flashcard decks that you can review several different ways.  Resize the fonts, switch things so that you see the back side of the card first, enable answering so you can provide a yes/no for each card.  View amino acids by Lewis structure or carbon skeleton.  Check out the ball and stick models, learn the short abbreviations, get familiar with the side chains.

The app is built on the Touchcards 2 engine.