iPhone apps for New Year's resolutions

We're fast approaching the end of another year, a time when many resolve to do something new or better in the upcoming year.  We're all notorious, as a species, for falling short in fulfilling our personal obligations (only 12% meet their goals).  Maybe we aim too high; maybe what we pick to do is too hard to make habit.

I think carrying an iPhone around in your pocket every day can be a big help.  After all, it's the perfect tool for tracking things, getting reminders, and keeping you aware of your goals and progress.

A few suggestions that map well to some of the most popular New Year's resolutions:

Eat Right and Lose Weight

These two goals are perennial favorites, and using the EatRight and EatRight 90 apps can help you stay track with minimal effort.  Log your food intake with a couple taps, make sure you're drinking enough water.  These both help with getting fit; EatRight 90 is best for those on popular 12-week fitness programs.   EatRight's a general purpose diet journal.

Learn more, get a better education

One of the best ways to learn and remember new material is through recall. You can enhance your education with Touchcards. Choose from thousands of flashcard sets people have already created, or make your own. If you have some downtime on the bus or at work, pull out a set and flip through them. Before you know it you'll master the material, and that can help with secondary goals (getting into a good college, getting a certification, or doing well on the MCAT.  Get a start on getting a better job.

Save money, get out of debt

The first-time homebuyers tax credit was extended into 2010. Take the opportunity to find a great deal on a house. Make sure you can afford the house by running the calculations through the Homebuy mortgage calculator. Compare calculations and graph your loan so that you know exactly what you're up against. You can also see how PMI will affect your payment, and when you'll be done paying the extra amount on your mortgage.  If your time horizon is long enough, a home can be a great investment.  Keeping your home affordable is critical though; Homebuy has a "how much home can I afford" guideline that will help you make buying decisions.

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions in 2010 from (slide to [rock])!


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