Create backups of your writing

Apple recently approved the latest updates to Chapters and Chronicle for iPad.  These releases have a few noticeable improvements and fixes but the focus of my efforts was on letting you create backups of everything you've written.

After you create a backup file within the app, you can copy it to your computer and keep it as safe as you want.

If you ever lose your iPad or experience some data loss you can simply import the backup file.  Your photos will be there, in the same spot you last saw them, along with everything you wrote.

This same feature will be available for the iPhone version in a few days (most likely).

The three apps were designed to play well with each other, so there's no reason you couldn't write on your iPhone and import those backup files onto your iPad (or do the reverse).  

You could also import your entire Chronicle journal into Chapters.    

I'm curious to hear any feedback you have regarding this feature.  It was a substantial effort.

Update 9/21/10 - All updates approved; you can move your writing around between your devices.